Know How to Open Old OST File in Outlook Without Any Omission of Data?

How to Open Old OST File in Outlook

If an old OST file is not connected with the Exchange Server or you just received it from somewhere, then you cannot access it in Outlook. You are unable to open and view data within the OST file. Moreover, you are not allowed to import OST file in Outlook as it is of no use. Thus, how to open old OST file in Outlook is still a question for many users. Therefore, in this post, the best possible way of doing the same is discussed.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the proficient email application famous across the worldwide. The main purpose of Outlook is to store, send, and receive data like a Personal Information Management (PIM) containing contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, journal. As this email client is popular among the large organizations on an Exchange Server so, it becomes easy for the users to access it from different locations. Apart from this, every regular user of Outlook must be familiar with two data files it creates. OST or Offline Storage Table and PST or Personal Storage Table are the two data files that manage Outlook account data.

PST file here stores all emails and other mailbox data items of Outlook and on the other side, OST maintains the replica of data within in the Exchange Server. The OST file data comes into use whenever a user needs to work in an offline mode. However, all the changes made by the users in an offline mode will get updated automatically as the connection is reestablished with the Exchange Server.

Now, the problem is that a user is having an OST file from somewhere, which is not anymore connected with Exchange Server. So, when it comes to open an orphan OST file, a user is unable to do anything. It is because importing OST file to Microsoft Outlook will not work out in this scenario. Hence, in this blog, a decent solution of how to open an old file in Outlook is discussed that one can refer easily.

Don’t Know How to Open Old OST File in Outlook? What To Do In This Situation

If a user is having an old OST file or not connected with Exchange Server, then convert it to PST format in order to access the data stored in it. This is the only way to open old OST file data in Outlook. Yes, there are some manual methods available that a user can try to export OST to PST format. But, when it comes to an old or orphan OST file, no manual solution will work. It is because all methods either require connection with Exchange Server or OST file in Outlook. Thus, for an orphan OST file, one needs to look for some professional solution. OST to PST Converter is popularly used application that helps the users in the same.

Expert Solution To Resolve How to Open Old OST File In Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 Issue

As discussed above there is no manual solution available that one can try to convert old OST file to PST format. Thus, one needs to take help of a professional solution named as OST to PST Converter. With the help of this application, a user can easily export any type of OST file like corrupted, orphaned, encrypted, password protected, or old OST to PST format. The software is capable of recovering permanently deleted items also from OST file in no time. After conversion, it creates a UNICODE type PST file at desired destination location. Apart from all this, the software has the ability to look for the OST file on the local machine automatically and convert it to PST format. To import old OST file into Outlook the user has to first convert into PST file format. Perform the steps to know how to open an old OST file in Outlook and convert Into PST File Format.

  1. First of all install and launch OST to PST Converter on the local machine.
  2. After that, click on the Add File button to upload OST file.
  3. If you know the location of OST file, click on the Select File option. Otherwise, click on the Search file option.
  4. After adding old OST file, choose desired scanning option i.e., Quick or Advance Scan. Click on Add button.
  5. As the scanning process completed successfully, a preview of old OST file data is provided by the software.
  6. Now, choose the data items that you want to convert to PST format and click on the Export button.
  7. Here, as an Export type, choose PST radio button.
  8. Next, you need to choose the desired destination location by clicking on the Browse button
  9. At last, click on the Export button and begin the OST to PST Conversion process.
  10. When the process completed successfully, a message will pop-up. You can check the resultant PST file at selected destination location.

Time to Conclude

If a user is having an orphan OST file, then it is really difficult for the user to access it. However, there is no manual approach available that one can use to fix this problem except converting OST to PST format. Thus, in this post, a complete detailed procedure of how to open old OST file in Outlook is covered.

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