Thailand Trip under 35000 Rupees


Travel Itinerary for a 35KĀ  Budget-Friendly Trip to Thailand

In Short

Firstly save money on visa cause in May June July month they have free tourist visas But it’s very hot these days 2nd do u know the flight from Delhi to Thailand both ways is 23K approximately But if you go via Kolkata it would be 12000 only the Hotel accommodation:- 5000 for 5 days 2 person mean 1000 Bhat cab from Bangkok to Pattaya one side Save money on food bring your haldiram packet food 2-3K for 5 days food šŸ˜ You can save more money Traveling in bus Staying in zostel

Day 1: Departure from Kolkata to Bangkok

  • Book your flight from Kolkata to Thailand to save money compared to Delhi flights.
  • Travel in an express train with sleeper class to Kolkata (850 rupees) to further cut costs.
  • Arrive in Kolkata, do some shopping for food packets from Haldiram for your journey.

Day 2: Arrival in Bangkok and Travel to Pattaya

  • Land at Bangkok International Airport and go through immigration formalities.
  • Plan to go directly to Pattaya from Bangkok to save time and expenses.
  • Outside the airport, book a bus to Pattaya (approximately 1000 baht) for a budget-friendly ride.
  • The bus journey takes about 3 hours.
  • Check-in at Hotel Zing in Pattaya (1200 rupees per night), offering good connectivity to attractions.

Day 3: Exploring Pattaya

  • Use the Grab app for affordable food delivery and transportation around Pattaya.
  • Download Google Maps offline to navigate without internet access.
  • Download Google Translator for language assistance.

Activities which i did inĀ  Pattaya for free Free

  • Visit the Big Buddha Temple.
  • Stroll along Walking Street.
  • Explore the Pattaya Floating Market.
  • Marvel at the Khao Chi Chan Buddha.
  • Take self-guided tours of local museums and temples.

Activity which you can do in Pattaya

Activities Cost (in Rupees/Bhat)
Sanctuary of Truth Museum 1189
Big Buddha Temple Free
Ramayana Water Park 2400
Pattaya Crocodile Farm 500
Walking Street Free
Underwater World Pattaya 1200
Pattaya Floating Market Free
Art In Paradise Pattaya 600
Nong Nooch Botanical Garden 1200
Khao Chi Chan Buddha Free
Coral Island 600
Nightlife in Pattaya Costs vary

Day 4: Optional Activities in Pattaya

  • Consider these optional activities (costs mentioned are approximate):
    • Sanctuary of Truth Museum (1189 rupees).
    • Ramayana Water Park (approximately 2400 rupees).
    • Pattaya Crocodile Farm (approximately 500 rupees).
    • Underwater World Pattaya (approximately 1200 rupees).
    • Art In Paradise Pattaya (approximately 600 rupees).
    • Nong Nooch Botanical Garden (approximately 1200 rupees).
    • Coral Island Excursion (approximately 600 baht).

Day 5: Nightlife in Pattaya

  • Experience the vibrant nightlife Pattaya has to offer.
  • Explore the various entertainment options available at your own pace.

Day 6: Return to Bangkok

  • Book the same 1000 baht cab to travel back to Bangkok International Airport.
  • Catch your flight from Bangkok to Delhi and conclude your memorable trip.

Note: Prices mentioned are approximate and subject to change. Always confirm details and availability before making reservations.

Enjoy your budget-friendly adventure in Thailand, discovering the best of Pattaya while saving money on the way!


Additional Tips:

  • Since it’s hot during the months of May, June, and July, stay hydrated and plan indoor activities during peak sun hours.
  • Take advantage of the free tourist visa during these months to save on visa costs.
  • Consider carrying some ready-to-eat snacks like Haldiram packets to save on food expenses, but also try local street food for an authentic experience.

Remember to double-check the prices and availability of flights, accommodations, and tours at the time of booking, as prices may vary. Have a fantastic trip to Thailand!

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