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Menthol Flavored E Juice

Velvet Cloud is a unique vape juice company that creates special and tasty e liquids. Our flavors are more than just the fun names we give our awesome juices, these vape juices are made from VG, which is vegan, gluten free, GMO free, and contains no artificial sweeteners or added coloring. You won’t believe how natural our flavors are after you get that sweet and sugary taste. Our flavors are tasty, strong, and full of delightful tones. Each flavor is made to taste in a very specific way, and there is a flavor for everyone. We like to compare Velvet Cloud to the farmers market of vaping: tasty, fresh, and healthy! Everyone knows that is the best part of a long and exciting evening, and the different tastes that one can choose to please their palate are what make it so fun! One of our tastiest and sweetest flavor categories is our dessert flavored e liquid collection of vape juices. These flavors will bring you right back to the childhood nostalgia of making s’mores in your backyard or frosting gingerbread cookies in your pajamas Christmas morning with your family. Our dessert flavors come in a variety of size and nicotine options from small 60ML juice bottles to 120ML juice bottles and different nicotine options of 00MG, 03MG, 06MG, and 12MG.

One of our most unique and fun flavors is the Night Shift dessert flavored e liquid. Stats show that Americans LOVE coffee, and so do we! So imagine, it’s late at night, and nothing would make you feel more warm and fuzzy inside than a hot cup of coffee and a fresh donut, but all that caffeine is not good for a late night snack. Instead, this vape liquid will bring you right to your favorite breakfast nook to enjoy a classic combo in a puff. The flavor blends are designed to elevate your taste buds. The coffee flavor aspect is rich and full-bodied like your favorite dark roast. The chocolate donut hint is semi sweet and glazed topped with a velvet cream note to tie it all together.

Another mystical and enticing vape flavor is Mewlew’s Magic. We call this flavor perfect for the sweet tooth. Take a hit and be transported right into your childhood of eagerly awaiting a chocolate, sweet, and sugar overloaded dessert. It’s like carry around dessert in your pocket, and you can vape it any time you want. This dessert flavored e liquid is full of chocolate, fudge, butterscotch, and cream elements. Each note hits with the inhale and exhale to create a warm and rich puff each time. While we know the name of the flavor is unusual, we think it perfectly matches the taste and vibe this juice gives off. In fact, this flavor has been rated as a 10/10 by some of our customers and described as “a whole blend of dessert deliciousness.” So what are you waiting for? Order today and get hooked on the sweetness.

All of Velvet Clouds signature e juices are handcrafted, and is brewed in micro batches in our certified ISO7 laboratory. We take great care in making sure our juices have each flavor note to the highest standard and top quality. Our dessert collection also features other signature flavors like Campfire, Frosted Gingerbread, Vanilla Custard, and Nutty Cookie, all handcrafted to give your taste buds a sweet experience. Velvet Cloud also offers a rewards program so that you can receive exclusive offers on all of our products. Order your vape juices today and have an experience like no other.

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