Decorative elements that have the power to transform your home

Decorative elements that have the power to transform your home

Have you stopped to think why even if you buy beautiful things, decoration for your house do not work?

Why not transform your home as you would like? I tell you this, because I have come across this case many times. And the thing is that decoration doesn’t work like that… No!!!… Believe it or not, like everything in life you need to think about it more strategically. Beautiful glasses and stemware perfect for dining and alfresco living. Wine glasses, tumblers, shot glasses and more. Stemless wine glasses NZ

Do not spend more money or time on decoration when you do not know what you need or do not understand how the decorative elements work in the decoration. Therefore, we are going to start here… With the feet.


1. The cushions

Like something as simple and straightforward as cushions, they can totally change the look of a room . You can combine textures, colors and designs, as long as you use a rule, that all the cushions share at least one color. If you distribute them following “the  rule of three” (three cushions per sofa, two on one side and one on the other) you give your sofa a very modern touch.

Using cushions is an easy and elegant way to add color and play to the space. Use them without fear, it is a fundamental piece in the decoration. I love them!!! I think they are the key piece that transforms everything.

They are also very affordable decorative elements. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in them to get a 100% result!

You will have a totally different looking room.


2. The rugs


Rugs are the perfect element to separate and delimit spaces in a visual and simple way. Among the main purposes, in addition to defining a space, is to give more warmth to cold floors such as marble or stone and to visually separate the furniture from the floor.

You don’t know what a change a room without carpets with cold floors makes, when you put a nice warm and soft carpet on it.



How to decorate a room with them? I tell you that you must start from the characteristics of the spaces in your house where you want to place the rugs, this gives you the guidelines of the measures that you must use. Measure the space you have and write down the shape of the room. If the space you have between sofas is square, choose the square one. If it is space it is more rectangular, then rectangular. Always choose the slightly larger one to place it under the legs of the furniture. Furniture as far as possible should step on the carpet. Sofa, tables and armchairs.

A tip: Combine some color of the rug with the same color of the cushions. And if you are one of the most daring, use a color that contrasts with the colors of the cushions, but only use it on the rug.


3. The paintings


Pictures and art is another of the essential elements in all houses . They are a very important piece that transform your home and give a personal touch to your decoration. The paintings are very personal elements, and it is very important to know how to choose well. They reflect our personality and add emotions to spaces.


Where do I put them? On any wall you want to stand out. Use them in all rooms and in corners or spaces. You can make compositions of several paintings, asymmetrical, symmetrical, in a super-large format in a living room or small in bathrooms or narrow corridors.


A tip: Combine the paintings with the cushions. Use one of the colors that is in the box to decorate with cushions of the same color. It is a perfect combination and super well coordinated.


Along with the paintings  , lighting  is so key when it comes to highlighting a piece of art that you like a lot or is of more value. You can place a lamp on top of the painting that we want to illuminate or place several spotlights that illuminate the painting. A very interesting point of attention will be generated in the room.



Author: Jyoti Garg

Hi I am Jyoti Garg a Creative Content Writer and Editor on Shopchun