Tips to Calm your Dog Down with the Fireworks this Canada Day

how to keep calm your dog

As the nation celebrates its freedom and pride in being Canadian, with fireworks magically lighting up the sky; your little furry pet might be hiding in a corner with a major case of anxiety to tackle. Canines don’t have a very merry relationship with loud noises that are uncalled for. Case in point: Fireworks.

If your pets are terrified due to the sound and ridden with fear with all the loud commotion, they tend to go out-of-control, pacing around the house frantically, or trying to rip something off just so that it might curb the anxiety. In case your pet is not at his dog boarding at Leduc, and is going through this horrible ordeal at home during Canada day, here are a few tips that’ll help him calm down:

• Talk it out:
Make your dog feel normal and comfortable by talking to him like you usually do. Don’t show him that you’re excessively concerned about his anxiety or that you’re trying to get him to calm down. If you start coaxing your fur buddy, he can immediately pick up on what you’re feeling. This in turn makes him feel more insecure.

• Keep the noise out:
Keep your dogs at home or at a dog boarding at Leduc if you’re not around, and make sure that he’s not exposed to any of the live firework action. Keep the noise to a minimum so that he doesn’t get startled by it as much.

• Play some music:
Light, soothing music does wonders for a dog with anxiety. Play him his all-time favorite play list so that he has something pleasant of his choice to listen to. Music has scientifically shown to calm down dogs with anxiety, soothing their mind with specially curated playlists that are available anywhere.

• Let him be:
If your dog wants to sit in a sheltered or comfortable spot of his choice, let him stay there. This is just one of his coping mechanisms for all the stress that he might be going through at the time. Don’t try to get him out of the spot if he chooses the solitude.

• Get interactive:
Without being totally obvious, offer him a great distraction. This will make him get his mind off of all the commotion and anxiety that is taking over his mind. Offer him some treats that he loves, or get playing a game that he thoroughly enjoys.

• Get help:
If the situation is way beyond your control, or if you are a first time pet parent, make sure you contact your vet, or even someone experienced, so they can guide you through the process and recommend an over-the-counter medicine for your furry friend.

When it comes to dogs, noise phobias and fear of fireworks can really take a toll over your poor little furry pet’s sanity. Make sure you follow these simple tips and tricks to make him feel loads better, because you being around for him in his times of need, literally means the world to your fur buddy.

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