The Benefits of Using Bot Detection

Bot attacks are one of the most serious concerns for today’s businesses. Bots cause issues for businesses and their customers by exploiting vulnerabilities in a variety of ways. While good bots perform useful tasks, bad bots account for approximately 30%-35% of all bot traffic.

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หลายคนที่เข้าเล่นเกมไพ่บาคาร่านั้นย่อมทราบดีว่าตารางการออกไพ่ แทงบาคาร่า ในแต่ละห้องนั้นไม่เหมือนกันและการออกไพ่แบงค์เกอร์เพลย์เยอร์นั้นจะมีผลรวมไม่หลังจบเกมไม่คอยเหมือนกันในแต่ละตาบางครั้งผลรวมแบงค์เกอร์มากกว่าบางครั้งผลรวมเพลย์เยอร์มากกว่าแน่นอนว่าวันนี้เรามีรูปแบบการดูเค้าไพ่ต่างๆ

Businesses must take the necessary precautions to combat bad bots and protect their online activities. Bot detection and mitigation are critical for catching bots and preventing them from wreaking havoc on your business. All organizations that do business online can benefit from using bot mitigation products and services to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

If you want to protect your company from automated threats, you must use the right bot detection tools to ensure that even the most sophisticated bots aren’t allowed in.


Reduce bot traffic to clean up metrics

Previously, bad bots were responsible for about a third of all traffic, but this could be changing. Human traffic fell by 5.7% in 2020, while traffic from bad bots and bots in general increased more than ever. Advanced Persistent Bots accounted for 57.1% of bad bot traffic, resulting in abuse, misuse, and attacks on websites, APIs, and mobile apps. ISPs and telecom received the most overall bot traffic in 2020, while the travel industry was particularly impacted by sophisticated bad bot traffic.

Bots masquerading as mobile browsers increased by more than 12% between 2019 and 2020, reaching 28.1%. Malicious bots accounted for 34% of all login attempts in 2020, affecting a variety of industries, and bad bot traffic on retail websites increased by 788% between September and October 2020.

Because of the increase in bad bot traffic, it is more important than ever for businesses and organizations of all sizes to take precautions. If you want to protect your business and prevent bad bots from causing major problems, you must use bot detection and bot mitigation tools.


Avoid putting your online applications at risk

Many industries must consider how bots might influence their operations. Some businesses may need to be more cautious than others to ensure they understand how bots can affect them. E-commerce companies, in particular, may need to concentrate their cybersecurity efforts on preventing bad bots from causing problems. This can be especially problematic for retailers who have shifted their focus to online sales in the last year due to inability to conduct in-person sales.

To process orders and payments, e-commerce businesses must collect personal information and credit card information from their customers. As a result, they are prime targets for bots, making their checkout and payment pages vulnerable. Bots can cause a variety of issues for e-commerce stores by performing a variety of actions. They will test the checkout process’s security by filling a cart with random items, reducing the inventory available for real customers to order. They will spam login attempts and scrape the website for information.

Bot detection aids in the prevention of these issues for e-commerce businesses and a variety of industries. If you sell anything online, you must prevent bots from causing problems for you and your customers. Kasada employs real-time detection to detect and respond to bot attacks as soon as possible. You can automate your response to bot attacks so that you can fight back quickly and efficiently.

Stay Ahead of Assailants With Kasada’s bot detection and mitigation, you can stay ahead of attackers and take a proactive approach to keeping your organization secure. Because bad bots can cleverly mimic human behavior, many bot detection solutions struggle to detect them. However, with the right solution, you can ensure that even these bots that try to avoid detection are detected and dealt with appropriately. Automated attacks can be detected and prevented, providing the ultimate level of security.

IT teams frequently feel as if they are constantly trying to keep up with new threats. Instead of struggling and falling behind, bot detection will allow you to stay ahead of attackers. Kasada’s threat intelligence and powerful analytics tools enable you to improve your overall security and be ready to deal with any threats from bad bots. Because of our quick onboarding and immediate time-to-value, you can get started with our tools in just a few minutes. Setting it up is simple, and it immediately provides a number of useful features.

Bots have evolved, and most solutions are having difficulty keeping up. Instead of putting out fires, the better solution is to identify and prevent threats from ever affecting you. Although bot attacks can be difficult to prevent, the solution does not have to be. Kasada will integrate with your current architecture and allow you to begin working with bots. You get the data you need to continuously improve the security of your infrastructure when you have actionable insights.

Bot detection is critical to the security of your applications. Bots can be stopped now and in the future with a strong detect bots and mitigation solution.

Author: Jyoti Garg

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