The Best Apps to Save Money on Groceries

The Best Apps to Save Money on Groceries

There are many apps available in the app store to help you save on groceries. However, their work is very different.

Let’s not forget the two main categories.

  • Coupons and other savings are offered at the POS. You can scan and upload the receipt after the purchase for cashback rewards.
  • Different app categories can be used to reduce grocery spending.

List of Best Apps to Save Money

1. SavingStar

SavingStar is one of the best money saving apps for shopping for those who want to save money but don’t have the time or don’t want coupons.

This app allows users to get cash back for their grocery purchases at different retail locations by using grocery coupons.

Users were able to quickly earn cashback with grocery savings with the Home Delivery app.

To redeem offers, users simply need to scan their loyalty cards while shopping at the grocery store.

The app allows users to take photographs of their receipts, and then they can be submitted to the app.

Users were able to save on their app account and cash it out to your bank, PayPal or gift cards.

2. Checkout 51

This app allows you to convert your grocery receipts into cash prizes. It allows you to choose the rebates and upload receipts as proof of purchase.

You can also link loyalty cards from multiple partners to your account.

Every Thursday at 12:01 am, Checkout 51 updates will be available. Some offers may disappear during weekdays. To reap the rewards of this reward, make sure you check out all the latest offers and discounts that are available on Thursday.


This app is primarily used to print coupons.

The app now has a section that allows you to scan deals and add them to your rewards card automatically. You can then get the coupon discount at the register. This is visible on the receipt.

This means that you don’t need to clip coupons. The app also has an additional section that displays more coupons.

4. Dosh

You can link your debit and credit cards to your Dosh account, and earn cash back when you shop with the Dosh app. This app monitors your spending and doesn’t require you to scan receipts or preselect offers.

Dosh is also available for free in both the Android and iOS app stores.

5. Drop

Cashback on groceries is available with The Drop You can also get gift cards for using the app’s arcade games.

Drop also helps users find games in the app stores. Every game has a task. You can earn points for cashing out gift cards by completing the game task.

Drop offers many ways to make money, including shopping, surveys, cashback, and playing games.

6. Shopkick

Shopkick is a mix of a reward Food Delivery app and mystery shopping. You can earn kicks by completing various tasks.

Shopkick offers many opportunities to earn. You can earn rewards with Shopkick without spending any money. It’s also a free and flexible way to save on groceries. Once you have earned enough points, you will be able to redeem them for gift certificates.

7. Coin Out

Coin Out, a new app that allows you to save money on groceries is a welcome addition to the top 10 apps for grocery shopping.

Even better, you can pay by simply taking photos of your receipt.

Additionally, Coin Out offers cashback online as well as offline. Once you have earned a minimum amount, you can cash them out or receive a gift certificate.

The app offers a variety of stores where you can shop and earn cashback.

8. Favado

Favado is a grocery-saving app that compares prices. The search function found the nearest store with the lowest price for a specific item and not for a brand.

This app also features a favorite brand feature, which sends push notifications when your favorite grocery items go on sale.

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9. Cleo

It’s free and available on. Both Android and iOS are supported. Intelligence is what separates cleo money saving apps from other apps. You can use insights based upon your regular expenses to see how much you are paying and where you should make changes.

You can also set up notifications to be notified when your financial limits are approaching. Cleo AI interface offers a lot of motivation and tough love. We especially like the ‘roast’ mode, which tells you where your spending is going wrong.


We hope that you now have a variety of grocery-saving apps in your bag. These apps can help you save money, even if it’s not obvious. We hope that you now have some ideas on how to save money on groceries.

Author: Jyoti Garg

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