Which Are The Most Popular Startups In Agriculture Business In India?


Top 11 Online Agritech Startups Companies In India Helping Farmers

  1. Rasi Seeds is one of India’s leading agricultural companies offering value and science to farmers. As a leading agricultural nation, India has fuelled many agritech startups. By incorporating the concept of the Internet of Things into their products, all of these start-ups aim to improve conditions for farmers.
  2. Agroman is an agricultural start up in India that creates a platform for farmers by providing them with produce. 
  3. Ninjacart is one of the best agricultural startups in India and an agricultural supply chain company in India.  Ninjacart was started by Ashutosh Vikram, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Sharath Loganathan, Kartheeswaran KK, and Vasudevan Chinnathambi in June 2015 as a B2C hyperlocal food delivery business. It was transformed into a B2B agritech firm in order to address the fresh agricultural produce supply chain issues faced by farmers and retailers. Steadview Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Accel, and Tiger Global Management have all invested $164.2 million in Ninjacart. 
  4. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Aibono is the largest agricultural marketing startup in India’s B2B fresh food supply chain. Aibono uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to collect vast amounts of smart farming data and insights from farmers and experts, which can then provide valuable insights to customers. The company uses soil sensors, IoT devices and imaging drones to collect farm data and feed it to its cloud platform, which uses predictive analytics to help farmers make informed farming decisions to increase yields.
  5. Fasal has developed an application to continuously monitor farm data, increasing accessibility for farmers. Like CropIn, Fasal is another popular start-up in India that is also dedicated to providing clients with real-time agricultural data.
  6. Founded in 2015 by Satish Nukala and Sachin Nandwana, Farm2Fam is proud to provide agricultural advisory services and products to 4 million farmers in India. Farm2Fam is a Bangalore-based agriculture tech company founded in 2012 that uses a mobile app to provide agricultural equipment through farm agents.
  7. Het Gaadi’s goal is to improve the use of the latest technological tools and agricultural mechanization and high-tech products in agriculture
  8. Nath Bio-Genes is ready to play a greater role in the development of agriculture, the prosperity of farmers and the advancement of agricultural technologies developed in-house. The company has an excellent product range and competitive products for major field crops, horticultural crops and bio-stimulants.

Nath Bio-Genes has built a network of over 15,000 farmers who grow seeds for the company. India’s Nath Bio-Genes has been in the seed business for 30 years, almost as long as its industry has been one of the leading seed companies in the country.

online Agriculture marketplace platform

  1. HPC Biosciences Ltd. has several elements that differentiate HPC Biosciences Ltd. from other farms, making it a market leader, especially in row crops and broad crops.
  2. Godrej Agrovet is a major farm in the country producing bird feed, animal feed, agricultural chemicals, poultry products and palm oil plantations. With DuPont India’s goal of increasing agricultural productivity and farmer profitability, Godrej remains one of the best agro companies in India. Godrej Agrovet Limited has the highest turnover of any company in the agricultural sector in India.
  3. Book My Crop is a sophisticated online Agriculture marketplace platform that connects farmers with genuine buyers from all across India. Currently, Book My Crop offers eight product categories from thousands of registered farmers (Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non – Edible, and Other). Buyers can only place bulk orders to Book My Crop.

They produce high-quality fertilizers and pesticides, as well as agricultural products and equipment. Even though they have faced many bankruptcies in their formative years after the founding year, they manage to remain one of the top 11 farms in India due to their innovative ways of producing tools that help farmers a lot. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have founded their agricultural start-ups in India knowing how important an agricultural start up is for farmers.

Some agricultural start-ups manage to help farmers by providing them with the latest technology and modern agricultural machinery, or by providing them with a platform to buy, rent or sell agricultural products on their website and app. 

The goal of the agricultural startup is to encourage farmers to use the right resources to grow high-quality products and raise awareness among small farmers about new technologies and high-tech equipment for agricultural purposes. In general, agricultural technology start-ups in India such as CropIn, DeHaat, Fasal, Intello Labs and others are devoting resources to producing quality food for consumers and bringing the benefits of technology to Indian farmers.

The use of technology in the agricultural sector in India is limited. Since the advent of the green revolution in industry and globalization in India, farms in India that produce and distribute agricultural products have become the most widespread everywhere. Each agritech startup is pursuing its own way of helping farmers improve productivity and income, some focus on optimizing supply chain processes; others focus on online marketplace trading, while many of the 450+ agritech startups companies focus on precision farming.

To make life easier for farmers, agricultural start-ups in India have developed new ways to make farming more efficient. With these four innovative new agricultural technology startups in India that are changing the way India grows, AI and the Internet of Things can provide valuable data to reduce poverty and improve agriculture. Agritech startups in India provide information, technology and efficiency to farmers.

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Bookmycrop is the largest online agritech company offering crop seeds and fresh produce agriculture products by connecting farmers with genuine buyers across India.

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